Τεστ στα σήματα του ΚΟΚ ανά κατηγορία! Διαθέτει και υποκατηγορίες

It has got subcategories for targeted training.

We broke some categories into smaller subcategories...

It is known that the questions of the highway code are 824. They are divided into categories (chapters), such as ALCOOHOL, SIGNING, DISTANCES, CONSERVATION, SPEED INTERSECTIONS etc.

The categories SIGNING and INTERSECTIONS are 2 of the 25 categories of the Code, which include almost half of the questions of the whole book! The category SIGNING specifically includes about 250 questions!


Where are the mistakes usually made?

The most students that face problem in category SIGNING, in fact they have difficulties in rectangular signs and not in all of them! In the same way, at intersections, the difficulty usually is in those containing traffic policeman and signing.


You got a problem in 50 questions and you should give 1,000 answers!

There are programs on the internet that give the opportunity to the students to do test in each category, but these tests include all the questions in the category chosen by the student, making them tedious and time consuming ... If a student has difficulty with category SIGNING and he should see 50 specific questions that make him confused three or four times, he has to read a thousand questions and answer thousand times,because he has to do four tests of 250 questions!


Τεστ στα σήματα του ΚΟΚ ανά κατηγορία! Διαθέτει και υποκατηγορίες

The small bites are digested better...

We divided these two major categories into sub-categories in a way that,through your statistics, you can watch your errors and your weaknesses, make more targeted training avoiding unnecessary questions...

We seperated the category SIGNING on round plates, rectangular, triangular (danger), etc. Similarly,we parted intersections! Now you can practice on those questions in which the most students fail the exams! You can do tests only at intersections that have no photo or those who have signs and traffic policeman...


We also parted the motorcycle category. In the book all the questions are in one category (M) while there are categories such as clothing, security, speed etc. This helps your tutor, who watches your progress, to identify your weaknesses and helps you in exactly what you need!


Each category includes difficult and easy questions ...

For us,the random selection of questions, even in tests per category is red cloth! In the case of random selection of questions, the program would create a test, where convenience, moderate and difficult questions would have the same chance to appear. This is what they do the common tests and not! In our category test you choose the number of the questions you want to have in every test and the program gives priority to the difficult questions and ones you have made more mistakes.


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It is wrong to use the category test constantly in order to practice.

It is not correct the thought I will first learn alcohol, after the signs etc. The progress test has been made for exactly this purpose. During your training you will contact with all the different categories, when you get to the last, you've forgotten the first! With the progress tests you will start with easy questions and you will slowly meet the toughest but evenly in all funds, with the right proportion. The test per category is suitable for using it in categories that you have left behind and you have many errors.

You may also use the Category Test, iwhile studying theoritical classes at your driving school, where after each lesson, you can work at home, the same category you studied at your school!