Τεστ στα σήματα μόνο στα λάθη! Έξυπνα και στοχευμένα τεστ σημάτων!The favorite tool of our students!


Did you know that ... in formal exams, 99% of students

make the same mistake they made during the training?



We studied the statistics of too many students and we found that, in questions where students answered three times wrong and then twice correctly, many of them the next time they met the same question, they did wrong again! This is because our minds except the right, records also the wrong answers! If several days have passed since the last time we encountered such a question, there would have been a case our mind get confused and we think that the answer has been recorded more strongly in our memory,is the correct answer. Unfortunately, the first thought is stronger than the second. That is the first answer that we will give to a particular question is recorded more strongly in our minds than the second*. The only way to avoid this is practice!

Fortunately for each student, according to statistics, there are  no more than 50-60 questions on average those who confuse him. But they are not all the same for everyone!

This is why we created Errors’ Test.

In you can have tests of  10 questions only to those in which you have made at least one mistake! A sophisticated software selects whith certain criterias questions from the database in which you have made at least one mistake.

The choice is not random from those which you have done wrong, but priority is given to those in which you have done the most errors, compared to fewer correct answers. As you answer these questions corectly,  the possibility of appearing to the next tests is reduced.

It is good for you  to do tests one to two days before the exams, because you are more possible to make a mistake in these questions.


The errors’ tast gives you the advantage to print better the correct answer in your mind, in every case the question comes out, because you know that the answer that comes to your mind is probably the wrong answer!

Isn’t it innovative…?


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*It is true that if we answer a question wrong the first time we meet it, this mistake will follow us and confuse us continuously. For this reason, we recommend that if you do not know a question, not answer it randomly, but  hit the "Help" button. If the help is not enough for you, push the button "right answer" to see the right, so that the wrong answer will not be recorded in your mind.