Τεστ στα σήματα βήμα βήμα με το Τεστ Προόδου

99% of students used it passed at first time!

Two thoughts are enough to make you reach to the same simple conclusion!


  • A first thought someone will dot, is that all the questions are not of the same difficulty.
  • A second thought,is that all students have not the same learning ability.




It is necessary that students study harder some questions than some others and some students must study the same questions more than other students.

What should we do?

We must create a program that selects somehow the appropriate questions every time... Some be choosen more times (difficult questions) and some less (easy questions). The most important is that the program must “understand” which questions we know we and which n not so not to be appeared again! In brief, it must behave differently with each student, because each student is unique!


To achieve this we thought as the teacher!

So what would a teacher do if he created the tests and not a program?


Με το Τεστ Προόδου στα σήματα του ΚΟΚ έχεις τον δάσκαλο δίπλα σου!A teacher, surely would start your first test with the easy questions and if he saw that you answered correctly he would exempt them and he would continue slowly with more difficult questions. These would be exempted after more correct answers. Depending on the difficulty of each question and your skills, he would decide how many times you should see each question. If several days passed, the teacher would repeat some of the questions! He would NEVER ask you the same question that you answered correctly in previous test but he would ask you many times the questions which most students answer wrong in order to make you feel confident in the exams!


Generally, a teacher would appreciate your level, and if he thought you are a weak student and you made many mistakes at the same questions, he would certainly repeat many times the same questions. On the other hand, he would go on quickly to the next levels! If you came to the end and you had to give exams in 2-3 days, the teacher would  have you take tests which include the most dangerous questions and those in which you made more mistakes! So if you had a teacher near you in every test, surely you would take the tests you really need and the chances to succeed at once would be nearly 100%


This is exactly the way the Progress Test behaves!

The Progress Test has a powerful computer program that records all the students' answers, studies his progress, his statistics and the time spent by the student and it chooses every time the right questions which are divided in five levels (very easy, easy, moderate , difficult and very difficult). The program does not have a standard way of training but each time, depending on the behavior of the student, the educational system adapts to the student's capabilities.


You will read less and you will pass at ONCE!

Το συμπεριφέρεται όπως ο δάσκαλος σου!

So it makes sense that you would do no error in your formal exams, because you will have watched all the questions of highway code and you will have answered correctly as many times as needed in each question! As far as the time and the practice you need are concerned, it will certainly be minimized, since every question will be met only as many times as necessary!


Can you think of it…?


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