Testkok.gr | Η καλύτερη εφαρμογή εκμάθησης του κώδικα οδικής κυκλοφορίας

Στα τεστ σημάτων του Testkok.gr οι διασταυρώσεις κινούνται

What more does Testkok.gr have?

It explains… it moves… it documents… and it is not just a simple signs’ test!!!

You will never forget a sign watching a smart and short video!!!

The short graphic animation gif format is intended to help you understand the question but never forget it!




Τεστ στα σήματα του υπουργείου με βίντεο anιmation                 Τεστ στα σήματα του υπουργείου με βίντεο anιmation                  Τεστ στα σήματα του υπουργείου με βίντεο anιmation


There are short videos in ALL intersections

and in many more questions.

During the test you simply click on the PLAY button below the camera, when it is available

and immediately a video plays, as shown in the pictures.


Χάρτης σχολών οδηγών  συνεργάτες του Testkok.gr




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Μάθετε τα σήματα του ΚΟΚ με την έξυπνη μέθοδο του Testkok.gr



  The most prominent feature of Testkok.gr is that it thinks, it contemplates your needs and capabilities and adapts automatically, in order that you can see the suitable questions, when needed and as many times as needed, so that you will be ready for your final exams in the least time possible, studying as little as possible…. Or.. as less as possible! As far as numbers are concerned, an average pupil needs an average number of 100 random tests (3.000 answers), so as to have success rate of 80%-90%. Why? You will find more at Simulation Test. With Testkok.gr the same average pupil is going to need 50 tests (1.500 answers) and his percentage of success will be 99.9%. You will find more at Progress Test


Brief and understandable comments!

  There are brief comments on ALL the questions which appear below the question, in order to help you understand the question, reject the wrong answers and be driven to the correct! The comments help to clear up some tricky questions just at the moment you meet them and not wrong conclusions be printed on your mind. The texts are short and not tedious at all and they intend to help you to memorize and understand the questionnaire and not get just theoretical training. This is the job of your driving school’s teacher!



System of hidden answers ... For people on the look-out!

  The system of hidden answers is a method you can learn the signals of highway code almost by the first time! You can try this system in DEMO. The basic idea is to create yourself with your mind the correct answer, since it is hidden like the wrong answers and you cannot read it. When we create ourselves a thought or a picture it is 10 times harder to forget it than anything we read or see. If nothing comes to your mind, then you can click the button "appear the right" , so only the right  answer be appeared and you are more likely to remember it, because it is the first answer that you see on this question and the only ! Try it...




  It is very important to know where is your progress at any time, how many mistakes you have made, how many tests, in which category you are weak and all the necessary information you need to know. We record all your answers and we have created a warm and functional environment where you can see at a glance the necessary information and study in depth some special tabs. In the statistics your teacher has got remote access and watch your progress and he can help you when and where it is needed.




  In Testkok.gr you have the ability to send and receive messages from your tutor. If you have difficulties somewhere or have any questions you can sent a message and your tutor will solve your question. The process is simple and an e-mail is not needed. The communication is done exclusively through our platform. Each teacher has access only to the messages of his students!