How much does                                        

the driving license cost?                           


This is the question that most students make in a driving school! This is the question that all  the right teachers hate and this is the one you must make in the end. Have you ever asked how much does something cost before you know what this is and what its characteristics are?

Actually there are huge differences from driving school to driving school and from teacher to teacher. Below see what are the questions you should be interested in and you have to make in a driving school. The most basic is that you have to admit that you do not know to drive and you need to learn. The only thing you may know is to start, to stop, to turn, to press the accelerator and brake. This does not mean that you know how to drive!

If you study the lessons to a proper driving school you will say many times  ... "I did not know  this..." and there are many things you do not know. Let's look the differences that driving schools have and what you must ask.




Θεωρητικά μαθήματα στα σήματα και τις διασταυρώσεις | Testkok.grTheoretical courses.

The law says you have to watch some theoretical courses depending on the type of driving license before handling the steering wheel. All driving schools include theoretical lessons in the value of the patent, but what are they and how do they get? Nobody student has ever asked how the school does the theoretical lessons. So here is a good question.Ask your trainer how he does the theoretical courses, if there is a presentation program, how often theory lessons are done etc. We recommend that you asked when he does his next theory lesson and ask to attend for 10 minutes. Many trainers tell you simply to do tests 2 hours per day (those of the ministry which they have installed on their computers) and in each result they come over you trying to explain the wrong answers. Many do not do this either. Some teachers give you the book and tell you to read and write down your questions. Then in 2 hours they have explained your questions but not substantially. Usually they tell you the trick to remember the answers and not make a mistake in your exams. So would you like to pay a driving license 100 euro cheaper and you feel that they exploit you? Would you like to pay for 21 theoretical lessons and the teacher occupy with you  for 2-3 hours?


There are teachers who do all the theoretical courses but with primitive way, I would say. They just get the book in the classroom and start explaining the questions one by one. There is no interest and the lessons are really tedious and boring so the students do not want to watch. There are trainers who have collected material and photographs and make really interesting the theory! You learn things, new things that neither does the book contain. They have modern audiovisual media and they use them, as a result the time passes pleasantly and you get in a few lessons as much knowledge as a driver has acquired in 10 years.


Practical courses.

Here is the gist! These courses mainly determine the value of the driving license. Unfortunately the most teachers teach the lessons needed for the student to pass the exam and no as many as needed to really learn how to drive. Even if he teaches all the courses there is a great difference in cost of the course and the quality. Ex: a lesson in the city around 10 blocks with 4-5 parking has different costs from doing 45 minutes lesson on highways. In the second case only the petrol costs 10 to 20 euros. There are even schools use teachers who are not licensed to teach because the cost of those instructors is 3 euro per hour. So you have to ask if you will do all the courses and the program and the type of the courses. Do you now that the most instructors have not developed speed  faster than 60 km/h with their students? Unbelievable?


So when we ask for an offer for the driving license we make these questions:

1) How much will  ALL the fees cost to me?

(TRAP: only the Doctors’ fees are refered).

2) Do you teach the theoretical courses and if so WHERE & HOW, and what aids do you offer to me;

(TRAP: The tests in the computer are not regarded as theoritical courses!!)

3) How many practical classes will I have, where  are to be held and how much will it cost extra - mandatory - classes; Is additional equipment available for lessons and examinations of motorciclyes (special clothing, etc.);

(TRAP: the cost of additional courses are not mentioned).

4) Is the cost of PRESENTATION included;

  (TRAP: the cost of the presebtation is referred to you as a fee at the last minute).



TIP: For the above questions, ask for written responses to avoid any misunderstandings, but also for directly comparing offers!



let alone for something that has to do with THEIR OWN life!

ROAD SAFETY requires adequate training and sufficient training requires

a relationship of honesty and trust WITH YOUR TRAINER






Η εκπαίδευση του ΚΟΚ είναι απαραίτητη... |

In essence you do not pay cheap but expensive a driving license. It is sure that  a cheap license will lead you to adventures and in the best case the first year you will cause damages of several hundred euros. Consider that a single guard will cost 200 euros because you did not learn to keep proper safety distances. The teacher told you, but do you consolidate it? Did he view a video to you? Did you do a demo test to see how far your vehicle stops? Did you just told to keep a safe distance? Many times it happens students whith a license to feel that they do not know how to drive and go to another school for extra lessons. It has happened too many times students to leave an economic school and go to another during the process, resulting in costing him the license 40% more expensive than the initial price in a high quality driving school.

The most driving schools who cooperate with are interested in and love what they do, in fact this the basic condition of cooperation. With many driving schools that provide poor quality service we have stopped our cooperation.

This is your life and you have every right to price it as much as you want! The point is that your choices reduce the value of the lives of others!