The vantages for driving schools.



The term value for money defines the quality of service in relation to the cost. It is a true fact that today's adolescents are able to keep up to date easily and quickly, in order to pay for a product or services, by the means of internet and contemporary technology, of course. As far as the domain of updating, things have changed radically, due to the social media (Facebook), forums and newsflash sites, where anybody can learn about a product or services that one wants to buy, in just a few seconds, while avoiding traps and trusting the comments of friends that have shopped things the same way! Those are people that have nothing to earn by making a possitive or negative commend. What is unloaded on the internet can not be deleted, because it always leaves back its digital print!

It is for sure that we are going through a difficult economic crisis this era. However, this doesn't mean that today's clients are not aquainted with their own interest, or ignore it! The term "convinient bargain" doesn't stand for "economical bargain", but for buying services or a product that offers too many in relation to its price! In other words, nowadays, a client-hopeful student is on the lookout, and not easy to be deceived.



Are the communication tools necessary?

Even if your driving school is powerful and reinforced by a high rate of service providing, you can not persuade a hopeful student easily, because he has nothing precedent to compare! The only weapon you can use is your social significance. The more the students are satisfied by your services the biggest will the popularity of your school be, and of course, the more the registrations will be, as long as there is a way to spread this satisfactory feeling to as many persons as possible. is to find the solution to this emotive topic!!!

The students pass their exams easily by the help of a convinient and modern platform! We don't try to show of with fancy graphics but by stating that this application is help up by the hard work done backstage! This is something that the student acknowledges, close with the fact that the school he chose is a modern driving school! This application interacts with the Facebook page of the school and the profile of the student and, sometimes the student reclames his progress and variou stuff on his wall, that his friends see, comment, post, ask and learn! For a contemporate business, not owning a Facebook page is like not owning a label for the facility!

The secret of success is nothing more than making the clients, who will reclame their gratification to their wide social circle, as fulfilled as possible!
It is quite sure that, if two friends are trying to persuade another one to join a driving school, most of the possibilities are owned by the one that passed with, and this has been proven in action, since the students that have heard of it, ask it from the school that collaborate with us, rvrn before registering!

The main goal of is to help the student pass his exams and, in the meantime, to advertise the drivinf school through its own student! The later is a very fundamental element and the reason why our collaborators distribute coupons even to students that don't have to do nothing more that page through the book!


Take advantage of the social network of concurrent adolescents!!!

It is for granted that a big team of students, such as college students or highly educated people don't need to use, but these very social teams are the ones that have the greatest social significance and influence. These are the kind of students that, when they post something in their personal profile or in forums they participate, are able to influence the most people of their choise.Even so, they really have to feel gratificted to achieve this! If they just get a cheap driving license, they won't have the need do share and this will lead your school in a continuous declining course, However, even if you do an excellent job, as far as theoretical courses are concerned, there is still room for, because this is the right tool whick will heave vest this feeling of graification to the social circles of the student! For this reason we have created level 1, which is claimed by students who have attended theoretical classes, have knowledge around cars and are of a high educational level. For them, the program poses a crash-lesson attitude, which gets the student ready with just 30-35 tests, having seen all the questions of the Code, even the difficult or the answered erroneously ones, which he revises on 2 times! Even this kind of student will have saved time and efford, and will totally comprehend the abilities of this application by suggesting it to his "weak" friends!

We have made a Facebook group only for driving schools which collaborate with, where we exchange thoughts, advice, share data and information from all over Greece! We can get to know each other better there!