Did you fail your driving lisence exams?


Βιβλίο, τυχαία τέστ (Testdrive) ή Testkok.gr?

- Did you fail your driving lisence exams?
- Did you fall through for two errors?
- Are you beginning now and don't know how to learn the signs?
- Did you just realize that the book doesn't help you at all?
- Are the random tests showing you the same questions over and over?

You must have noticed that every student, the exams day,wait outside the room holding a book, because they are not sure if they have studied enough, or even, which question they will possibly answer wrong!
Most of them have studied so much more than needed... They have taken at least 100 tests (3000 questions)

And still fail...

- With Testkok.gr, there is no chance of failure.
- The average number of tests needed to take is practically no more that 50.
- You will study less, cunningly and without stress.

But the most important part is that you will feel when you will be ready to take your official exams.
If your tutor knew that, he would have already given you a subscription coupon, not a book.

All of our collaborators (driving schools) distribute free coupons to their pupils, insted of a book.
What Testkok.gr is, how it works and where its success results from are to be known by glancing the Progress, Category, Errors; Tests and the Help. Just look into it...



Is very likely that your teacher does not know about Testkok.gr. It is very possible to have him informed but he ever found the time to see it. Daily driving schools like all businesses accept too many ads, proposals, programs, etc. How to distinguish what is worth spending your time?

So you can inform your teacher and we will send to him 3 coupons to try the application. The one will be for you!