Brief presentation of

Online τεστ στα σήματα οδήγησης testdrive is an application that is operated through the internet.

It does not have to be installed in a computer.

Each student creates a personal account with username and password, in which are documented his answers, his errors, his statistics and every time he logs in, he is able to continue from the point he stopped previously.

It is not necessary that he resume on the same computer!

He can practice in your school's computers and resume at home or by his cell phone.




 Κουπόνια Testkok. Έξυπνη διαχείριση μαθητών σχολών οδηγώνCoupons

It is important you have a coupon in order to create a new account. The coupon's price is almost the same to that of a book! So, instead of spending your money on a dumb and boring book, you can give a coupon to your students and gain for them access to the most contemporate way of studying and practicing on the Highway Code! Coupons can be found only through our collaborators network, where you can see, at the home page the unit "Where do I get a coupon so as to register?". Our page in Facebook, as well as our site, has too many visitors. Over 3500 unique viewers, derived from the number of 11.000 views per month, with an average lingering time of 30 minutes!

With steady steps and safe choices, we have related to the concept of certified driving school. Many pupils choose their driving school with as criteria!


Το διαθέτει έξυπνα εργαλεία και τεστ!Tools

The basic tools of are the Progress Test, the Errors' Test and the statistics! The student, from his very first tests, is encouraged to continue his progress and that is due to 3 main reasons!

1) The questions are divided to 5 levels (very easy, easy, moderate, difficult and very difficult ). For each test, the program chooses at first the easy questions and as far as the student proceeds, the more difficult ones are chosen. As a result, the student makes a few mistakes in his first tests and is assured that the effort demanded to succeed in minimal!

2) The statistics form a full image of one student's progress. One may see how many questions are left, in which category one is deficient and so on. The trainees that study from the book or with random tests don't know if he tests they have taken are enough or what the questions they should revise on are.

3) The tests shorten as the application proceeds to the more difficult questions. This is due to the fact that the questions always appear at the same spot, as it happens in Ministry's Tests. For instance, the question INTERSECTIONS 14 (at random) always appears at question 14. So, only specific questions concur on the question No14, as well as to every other question, which doesn’t happen in any other online test that exists on the internet. As a result, the program, not only does it not appear more questions, but also it appears the question No5 after the question No5 leading to the test having 28 questions, not 30, when a student has assimilated all the questions that concur on the question No3 or No 4! This encourages the student to go on, as he sees that less and less questions are to be learned, and, as long as the questions are more difficult, the tests seem to be less tiring! All this have an upper goal. It is much easier for a trainee to memorize a tricky question that always occurs in question No26, rather than coming across it randomly sometimes in No15, some others in No22 and so on.

The Errors’ Test is another smart tool that gives the students the opportunity to practice only in their mistakes! This boosts their confidence and expels the anxiety on the day of the exams, since the students know that they had practiced as much as needed on those questions! Read more in the unit “Errors’ Test”.

The Statistics help the trainee evaluate his progress and do some targeted practice on any category he seems to be weak. In the meantime, this helps the tutors of the driving schools, since they all have access to the data of all of their students. So, the tutor is aware of which of the students are ready, while he has the convenience to answer any question of the students that make many mistakes in specific questions. The most important part is the student’s feeling that he is being supervised by his teacher, who can even watch one’s progress from distance, and that is another factor that makes the students more responsible!


Το συμβουλεύει τους μαθητές του για την σωστή επιλογή των Τεστ σημάτωνPersonal messages.

We have created a special mini-program in the application, which advices the student how one should go on. It evaluates the student’s precision, to wit, how many days have passed since his last login, his errors, how many tests he has to take and many other variables, and then shows the student the appropriate message. That is, the student knows whether to continue with Progress Test, Category Test or Simulation Test. The program let him know that it high time he notified his teacher that he’ll be ready for exams soon! Many a time, a message appears to students that congratulate them for their performance as well as for the quality of services that his driving school provides!

Έξυπνη επιλογή ερωτήσεων στα τεστIntelligence! possesses a really smart software that thinks and functions in a unique way for each student! This program will bring on a question only as many times as needed for each student, something that one realizes after a few tests. One or two times are enough for a very easy question to appear, while it changes its action when necessary. It examines many variables before it creates a test. It checks how many times a question was shown, how difficult it is, how many times it was answered right or wrong, when the last time it appeared was, what the response to similar questions was, what the level of one student is, what the statistics on question of similar difficulty are etc. After evaluating all the questions, it chooses the ones that have the lower marking! It marks differently for a question in which a student firstly makes three mistakes and then answers 3 times correctly than another which is answered firstly two times correctly and then erroneously etc. As you can see, in the second case the students has not assimilated the question and needs more practice!


Έξυπνη επιλογή ερωτήσεων στα τεστ σε σωστές χρονικές στιγμέςCorrect frequency of question show-up

One of the most important properties of is that it does not bring on the same question frequently (unless there are no more questions available). This is attributed to the system that scores the questions. For instance, if a student had to answer a specific question three times correctly and the first time he met it was in his tenth test, then he will not meet it right after, because this particular question will gain him some points due to his answering correctly, so the program will summon questions of lower scoring – that he answered erroneously or had not seen- for the next test. It is quite understandable that a student answer again correctly a question that appeared previously. But, if he meets it in the right moments, it will be easier to remember even with less right answers!

Η σχολή οδηγών έχει πρόσβαση στα στατιστικά και την πρόοδο των μαθητών.



Teacher’s Supervision

The coupons are formed by 16 numbers divided in 4 quarters. The first 4 numbers are stable for every driving school and, this way, the program is aware of where each student belongs. Each school has special codes with which it has access to all the students’ data. It can send and receive messages to and from students.. For example.. George, you are almost there! But as far as I can see you have many mistakes in the category Distances. We will practice in it in the next lesson! The student does not feel abandoned as he would feel left alone with a book of a coupon or a CD. He may feel that he is being supervised by the teacher, something that he will appreciate and repute. Last but not least, he is able to spread it though his Facebook profile by the proper tools that our application has! Make a nominal entrance in the unit “I am a tutor in Driving School. Can I try your application?”

Το διαθέτει 5 επίπεδα μαθητών και προσαρμόζεται ανάλογα σε αυτά.Students’ levels

Though the program behaves in a unique way to each student, according to one’s progress, errors and frequency of visits, it may be of great importance we declare one’s level to the application, so as to be able to behave in proportion, until it gathers the information needed. During his registration, the student or the tutor that creates the account has to declare one of the five students’ levels. They have to read to whom each level is addressed and choose the right one without difficulty. See below the description of level 2.
Level two
It is suggested for quite strong students that:
-have attended theoretical lessons.
-make less than 6 errors in Simulation Tests.
-are high school graduates.
If the list above describes you, you will be ready in 3 or 4 days with 40 to 50 tests (around 1300 answers)
It is of great importance the students know how many answers he has to give until he reaches 100% and be ready to take exams!



Το αντικαθιστά πλήρως το βιβλίο. System of hidden answers

This is a smart tool point out the questions and helps the students that do not have a good memory. If this tool is switched on, then the answers do not show up, and two buttons are displayed instead (Show the answers) and (Show the right). This helps the student earn time to think the correct answer on his own and create it by himself. It is quite sure that, up until now, one of your pupils reads this way. That is, to hide the answer of the book with his palm and, after having formulated the correct answer, then check the answers of the book. Personally, I, the very person who created this tool, read the signing this way and never had to read twice! At the same time, this tool completely substitutes the book, because there is no property that can be found in the book and not in The later can cover the needs of those students that want to read the categories by priority and just check the right ones!

Εργαλείο προώθησης σχολών οδηγών μέσα από τεστ σημάτωνAdvertising Driving Schools

We have made up a system with which, not only is your school advertised throughout Facebook, as long as our app is being used by your students, but also, every time one of your students achieves one goal, such as subscribing to or completing his first Simulation Test, we give your students the opportunity to send it on his wall! The message sent, refers to the success of the student and the datum of the school. We have dedicated a special article where this faculty and all those secrets of Facebook are analyzed.



Great speed, even with slow internet!

As far as speed is concerned, we thought in a tricky way… In Greece, the internet still is relatively slow, presents malfunction, and sometimes pauses! In order to solve this problem, we came up with this solution: While the student dealing with question No7, the program is loading question No8. As a result, as soon as the student clicks on “Confirm” question No8 appears, with its audio and photos fully loaded! It is essential that the student, who practices a lot, not to get tired by short delays, between the next and the previous questions. This technique, in order to work properly, demands that the student be at the same question for 4-5 seconds. It won’t work in case you click on “next question” too quickly.


Αφήστε πίσω τους ανταγωνιστές σας... | Testkok.grAll the faculties referred above give to the rate of services of your school a higher value. It is for sure that, the more networking presence you gain through the social media, the more the visits from hopeful students and your new registrations will raise. is a full package of upgrading, so much at educational level with contemporary tools, as much at a level of advertising your school. It is not a chance event that collaborated with more than 100 driving schools in just a year. It was its success that gave us a push to create the second version of, which include many more tools, faculties and pleasant environment.


Just try it...