Are you a weak student? was designed especially for weak students. But who are considered to be weak students? Code of Road Traffic is simple and every one is able to understand it with little effort. But every time that a student fails the formal exams, time passes until the next time he gives again the exams, as a result many questions that he would answer correctly in the first time, he is possible to answer them  wrong after some days. This creates a strange situation where the student fails again and again while reading much more than he needs!


Why does this happen and how can we avoid it?

From all the questions of the book, half of them have a photo. You meet these questions in the exams from question 1 to 17 and hardly does a student make a mistake. The reason is that is more easy for a person to remember a question that contains photo. But what about the others?, thanks to the way the progress Test  behaves, appears first the easy questions to the student and then the difficult questions. If the student learns all the questions that contain photographs and all the easy questions generally the next test are focused only on hard questions, so the student practice again and again on the difficult for him questions and these questions are “fresh” on his mind, as it will appear some time before the exam. offers the following benefits to you:

  • The program displays many times at the end the difficult questions in order to remember them better in the exams.
  • You understand better the questions by listening the pronunciation in case you have difficulties with reading.
  • You have more stimulations by the help of animations so you remember and understand more easily the questions.
  • You can exescise only on your mistakes.
  • You have proper contact with all matter throughout the course of your training. If you are a weak student, when you move to the difficult questions,you will be late to improve your progress until you reach the desired 100%.That is, you study these tough questions as much as it is needed.
  • The program appears also the easy questions in correct intervals. (Repeat)
  • In case of interrupting your training for a long time, the program removes points from the set of questions, depending on the days passed, the number of times you've seen the questions, how many times you have answered them right or wrong etc. with the result of working again until your exams as needed and not less or more.


And if you fail it does not matter ... You will not start from the beginning!

Ιn case you fail your exam, with you can just practice on Test Error, until the next time! You will not need to do blind tests or read all the questions from the beginning.