Message to the Tutors.

Dear Tutor

The fact that you entered this site and that you are reading these lines means that you belong to the category of teachers that care and keep up with whatever most contemporary exists at the domail of training, trying to give out the best possible effords and services to their hopeful trainees, whilst turning the teaching of the Highway Code into something pleasureable and creative.

The main goal of is to help students practise in the questionnaire of the Highway Code, through an innovative method that helps achieve success with the tiniest efford possible, always according to the official program TestDrive- V2. The basic excel of its function is to create tests, similar to the Ministral ones, with one difference- these are not random but are supported by the logic of education and not that of the Test. More information may be found in the unit "Progress Test" – "Category Test" – "Errors' Test" gives to the already existing amount of services of your school an additional value and does not replace the theoretical classes whatsoever. In the meantime, it insets attraction for the new hopeful drivers, so as they may subscribe to your school.


The proper use of and the right presentation of the application to them will boom and bust the amounts of subscriptions in regard to the number of visitors. The number of visitors will surely rise, aterwards, as long as your students will be even more pleased, and the percentage of success of your school, as far as the domain of theoretical classes is concerned, will reach 100%. At the same time, you can take advantage of the social medias (facebook) and advertise your vantage hense the competition, still raising the number of extra visitors! Unfortunately, many people think that the very competitive vantage is the low price! We assure you that most of our collaborators have the highest prices of the market, but the lowest in relation to the amount of services they provide. The driving lisense is not a product to bargain...

A surpising number of or collaborators are strict as tutors and have chosen to assimilate in their already existing method of training, since they have tried it themselves and have dissected not only its way of function, but also the help texts, the videos etc. Even you can do so, by asking as to create an account for you!

The main element on which the success of is based, is the participation of the tutor throughout the platform. There is also given the opportunity to study and evaluate every single personal data of each student. This provides the trainer with the ability to assess each student's progress, spot one's weaknesses and make it tutoring targeted so as to answer any questions his students have, right before the official exams. It is not usually but for 30 to 40 questions per student!

Please, try to make a nominal entance as a trainer or/and as a trainee, so as to see the surroundings, the tests, the help and the short videos. Here, we should highlight that those that you will see through your demo-entrance, eventhough impressive, form just the 25% of the success of the students taking exams. The elementary plus to great achievement is the software and the way the tests are formed each time. In other words, the fact that is test is created according to the skills of a pupil, his progress, his errors etc. To put it in a few words, the tests are produced like you would do, if you had the ability to  assemble all those tests by hand, but still being able to remember every answer each student gave. To sum up, you should try the application on real students, more likely the difficult ones, so as to form a full opinion about its capabilities and see your students succeed 100%.


We are at your services to answer any question.

Do not hesitate to contact is at